Unit 3 Reflection

I might have said this for my last final project too, but this one was definitely my favorite! Unit 3 for me, was very different from the previous 2 units in the sense that I had much more freedom in what I got to write about. Having less “set” assignments and more intuitive ones helped […]

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Writing-An Architecture Student’s Guide For Incoming Freshmen

Writing-An Architecture Student’s Guide For Incoming Freshmen

So, your a college freshman just stepping into Syracuse University. Well guess what, you’ll be doing a lot of this soon….well it looks little more like this. Anyway, the point is college courses involve a lot of writing. This can be a really daunting task at first since  expectations are very different from high school writing.

Me, being an architecture student, approaches writing a little differently.

While I may relate many of these points to architecture, its up to you to make the connection with your own courses.

So lets get started. The following 10 points is (might) going to make your life a little easier.

  1. Know whats expected
    • Knowing what’s expected is going to go a long way in helping you. Talk to your professors, read the syllabus, even ask a few seniors for help.
  2. Know your individual assignments, and the matters they revolve around
    • After you have read what the course is about, you need to know what individual assignments within that course demand. What are you being asked to write about? How do these matters relate to your own experiences?
  3. Deadlines
    • Know your deadlines, and prepare well ahead of time. Trust me, you don’t want to push things to the last minute, like I’m doing for this video.
  4. Get Feedback
    • Pick a person that hates you, show them what you have done, your draft. They are sure to give you honest advice. Don’t go asking your mom though, your in college now!
  5. sleep
  6. exercise
  7. eat good food
    • Because if you feel like sh*t, your project is probably going to be sh*it.
  8. Start Revising
    • After a fresh night of sleep, go back to your project, read it again and see how you can improve it based on the feedback you received. Add a few images, cut down on unnecessary parts, check for spelling mistakes, and don’t forget the citations.
  9. Learn from your grades
    • A good grade doesn’t necessarily mean your work is perfect, so keep working hard. Sometimes however it might not go your way and you will get a bad grade. In this case go back to your grading criteria and see what went wrong, and how you can improve the next time.
  10. Don’t Die
    • Needs no explination.
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Expectations VS Reality

Letter Writing Activity The letter writing activity, of all the activities that we have done so far, was definitely my favorite! There were many assignments which gave us a chance to add our personal touch to them, but this particular activity let me bring my core family into the context, which gave it a different […]

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How to Stay Fit in College

How to Stay Fit in College Staying healthy in college can be hard. Amid classes and late-night study sessions, getting wholesome nutrition or going for a run is the last thing a students thinks of. This doesn’t have to be the case. Coming from an architecture student, notorious for pulling all-nighters, here are a few […]

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Stranger in Strange Lands

Dave Garrison’s experience in many ways was very similar to mine. Being an international student, I can relate to coping up and trying to fit into new surroundings. I’d Like to speak about how my experience relates to Dave’s both academically and socially/non-academically. “First you’ve got to figure out what your teachers want. And then you’ve […]

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Unit 2 Reflection

What can I say! This unit was hectic! I mean that is the most positive way possible. Unlike the last unit where we spoke a lot about ourselves and our own experiences, this unit focused more on looking at communities through different lenses. I definitely learnt something new along the way, and in the end […]

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Unit 2 Final

2 Big Players  The Discourse community I chose for my final project is the tech industry. I chose this particular topic because I was heavily involved and influenced by the community. Furthermore the industry has a wide spread effect on the world at large. Within the vast tech community, I am going to narrow in […]

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