My Literacy Journey Graphic Novel

My Literacy JourneyReflection

The above graphic novel gives a sneak-peek of my literacy journey. The reason I moved to and stayed in so many places is because of my father. He has a highly transferable job. This was a very positive thing for me. I got the live in many countries, meet people from different backgrounds and learn a lot of new things.

It started when I was born In India. I was born in a part of India where the local language wasn’t my mother tongue. What that meant for me was that I had already learnt two languages before I even started school. Later In school, I learnt my third-and now primary language; English. That was just the beginning. As I traveled to more countries and different places within my own country, I had several different second and third languages, which exposed me to further more people and cultures.

In my literacy journey I’ll elaborate in more detail what happened in each new place I stayed in. I’ll also talk about some of the negative aspects of moving around so much.

Now coming to Syracuse, I feel well prepared to meet people from backgrounds as diverse as mine. However it also has a “a big fish in a small pond” aspect to it which I will cover in my literacy journey.


3 thoughts on “My Literacy Journey Graphic Novel

  1. I really enjoyed the comedic approach to this project. I also really liked how you talked about your experience in these different places. I’m sure that communication works differently in different languages.


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