“RZA” Interview


The following is regarding the radio interview of the WU-Tang Clan’s founding member and composer the “RZA”. When I heard that I had this assignment for homework, I was pretty exited considering Casey Neistat, one of my favorite film makers always uses their music in his productions.

The interview was broadly based on the life and upbringing of the RAZ and his many personalities and stage names.

The RZA spoke about how he was raised in a poor family with a single mother and several siblings. He spoke about how he got into drugs and crime; that all he could think about was women during his teens. Most of the songs produced in his teens were centered around women, drugs and money. He mentions wearing fancy clothes and having a fun-seeking personality. Later on, when he grows up, he becomes less of a party-animal and starts concentrating on producing good music. He sealed deals for producing scores for famous movies including Tarantino’s Kill Bill. He goes on to speak about some of the techniques for producing such music, the “de-tuned piano” for example.

He mentions going back to enjoying what he missed for a sort stint. He ends on an emotional note of how he almost went to prison for attempted murder; and how  getting away taught him a lesson to “do no more bad”


One thought on ““RZA” Interview

  1. Casey Neistat is an amazing film maker. I think in terms of visuals + literacy/story Neistat also uses his films as a form of literacy that can be at once emotional and intimate but also hilarious in an angry cathartic kind of way. I wish you could write more about your reaction to the podcast a little more.


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