Unit 2 Draft


The Discourse community I chose for my final project is the tech industry. I chose this particular topic because I was heavily involved and influenced by the community. Furthermore the industry has a wide spread effect on the world at large.

Within the vast tech community, I am going to narrow in on two very important companies, Microsoft and Apple.

I used to be that kid who spent 15 hours a day on the computer  and argued with other geeks about computer specs. During this time, inevitably, I frequently had an argument about Mac vs Windows. I was always on the Mac side and tried to defend my argument with my life!

This particular clash of ideas didn’t happen in the last decade or so, but goes all the way back to when the companies themselves were founded 1975 and 1976 for Microsoft and apple respectively.

Two major players in this battle were Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who also happen to be arguably the two most successful and influential people of the time period especially within the tech industry. Both Gates and Jobs at the time were young, smart and always at each others throats.

As the years went on the companies brought out new products, each better then the previous and better than their competitors current. As the companies grew bigger so did the cult for them. People began taking sides and arguing why one is better than the other. This tension between the companies forced them to progress and compete with each others products. Each trying to be cheaper, faster, and more powerful than the other. The companies brought out their own innovative ideas as well as borrowed from the other. They did what ever it took to be better than the other. Along the way few 3rd wheels came in but never stuck on like Microsoft and Apple did.

Apple was known for making satirical Mac vs PC ads which put the company on line. Even though their products were much more expensive, the ads easily convinced people, especially the younger college students to choose a mac over a windows based pc. Apple argued that their products were easier to use and more practical. On the other hand the PC’s side of the argument was performance and cost.

Today the argument extends to the smartphone industry. Apple with iOS and google with android. A very similar argument to the mac vs pc arguments arises with each user supporting his or her house for choosing one over the other.

In the end even thought the tech arguments created a lot of heat for a seemingly trivial arguments, they have benefited society at large. The journey towards the best phone or computer keeps each other at their toes, which intern gives us, the end user a better, faster, cheaper and easier to use product.


  • Make references to readings.
  • Elaborate more on particular products e.g.:Macintosh, iPhone, Samsung devices, etc..
  • more images
  • Citations
  • Intro and ending
  • Quotes
  • External sources, Ex:Biographies(Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson)

One thought on “Unit 2 Draft

  1. The thesis could be, “Within the vast tech community, I am going to narrow in on two very important companies, Microsoft and Apple.” The whole paper is going to be about the two very important companies within the tech community.

    When I got to the end, I also thought about, “even though the tech arguments created a lot of heat for a seemingly trivial arguments, they have benefited society at large.” as the thesis.

    Maybe in your final draft you could somehow combine these two in the beginning of your paper. It is apparent that you are writing about the clash of the two companies, but then you are also commenting on how they have benefited the society as a whole.


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