“The Method”

This particular npr article takes a different point of view of the vegetarian community I addressed earlier.

The word that repeated several times is obviously vegetarian. However this article also uses the word meat as well as similar strands such as chicken, goat , mutton, emu, fish, steak and biryani.

Some binaries to be noted are KFC and vegetarian menu and India and high meat consumption.

I would like to talk more about India’s rising meat consumption in more detail. The article speaks about a vegetarian Indian who goes to the US to study, and struggles finding healthy vegetarian food. However the irony is that she finds it equally hard to find good vegetarian food when she goes back to India several years later. She blames India’s rising meat consumption.

An anomaly in the reading is chefs not being able to cook good vegetarian food, forcing customers to eat meat when going out to a restaurant.



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