Expectations VS Reality

Letter Writing Activity The letter writing activity, of all the activities that we have done so far, was definitely my favorite! There were many assignments which gave us a chance to add our personal touch to them, but this particular activity let me bring my core family into the context, which gave it a different […]

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How to Stay Fit in College

How to Stay Fit in College Staying healthy in college can be hard. Amid classes and late-night study sessions, getting wholesome nutrition or going for a run is the last thing a students thinks of. This doesn’t have to be the case. Coming from an architecture student, notorious for pulling all-nighters, here are a few […]

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Stranger in Strange Lands

Dave Garrison’s experience in many ways was very similar to mine. Being an international student, I can relate to coping up and trying to fit into new surroundings. I’d Like to speak about how my experience relates to Dave’s both academically and socially/non-academically. “First you’ve got to figure out what your teachers want. And then you’ve […]

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