How to Stay Fit in College

How to Stay Fit in College

Staying healthy in college can be hard. Amid classes and late-night study sessions, getting wholesome nutrition or going for a run is the last thing a students thinks of.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Coming from an architecture student, notorious for pulling all-nighters, here are a few tips to stay fit in college, because feeling better physically can go a long way in helping you academically.


  1. Look at yourself– Yes that’s right, I’m not one of those people who is going to tell you to love your body as it is. Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you happy with what you see? Do you have the body of an angel? Probably not.
  2. Assess the Situation– Do you look overweight? Or do you look like a pencil can beat you in a wrestling match? How about the way you feel? Do you “feel” healthy?
  3. Change is Possible– If you are overweight, its possible to loose fat, if your underweight, its possible to gain muscle. Accept this fact and never settle with your current fitness level.
  4. Set goals– Goals are the way to move forward. Having something to work towards will keep you on your feet.
  5. Eat Healthy– You are what you eat, so eat healthy! University dining halls always have healthy options available, so its up to you to make the choice.How-Can-I-Stay-Fit-And-Healthy.jpg
  6. Workout– Ok, your eating healthy, whats next? Burning those extra calories in the gym! Pump some iron, do some yoga, whether your a guy or a girl, the weights and machines are for everyone, not just buff football players.wpid-doyouevenliftbro-11.jpg
  7. Go For a Run– The campus in a large open space, a very pretty one at that. Since you probably stay indoors most of the day, going for a run is a good way for getting some fresh air, and that much needed vitamin D from sunlight.
  8. Reward Yourself– Yes, it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Feel free to bing watch movies and eat hot pockets on your “cheat day”. Just make sure everyday doesn’t turn into a cheat day.cheat2.jpeg

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